July 16, 2024

Quantinuum Sets Industry Record for Hardware Performance with New Quantum Volume Milestone

Quantinuum Sets Industry Record for Hardware Performance with New Quantum Volume Milestone

Buyers the initially to reward as Quantinuum extends its lead in comprehensive-process quantum computing functionality

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Feb. 23, 2023 /CNW/ — Quantinuum, the world’s largest standalone built-in quantum computing enterprise, right now declared its H1 era quantum processors set two performance information in quick succession, with its H1-1 acquiring a quantum volume (QV) of 16,384 (214), and then 32,768 (215). The achievements depict a superior-h2o mark for the quantum computing sector, primarily based on the commonly acknowledged QV benchmark, which was at first developed by IBM to replicate a quantum computer’s common capability.

“Quantum volume is critical to the ongoing improvement and exploration important to make the even bigger and improved quantum personal computers wanted to attain a quantum advantage,” mentioned Paul Smith-Goodson, Analyst, Moor Insights and System. “Quantinuum has prioritized raising its quantum volume because the commence, which has not only benefitted its recent apps but set by itself up to be the benchmark in obtaining quantum edge.”

This marks the eighth time in significantly less than 3 a long time that Quantinuum’s H-Sequence, which is based mostly on quantum charge coupled product engineering, has set an industry benchmark, and fulfills a community commitment produced in March 2020 to maximize the general performance of the H-Collection quantum processors, Run by Honeywell, by an purchase of magnitude just about every year for 5 yrs.

“This is a outstanding milestone for quantum computing and inline with the know-how we have witnessed from Quantinuum,” said Marco Pistoia, Ph.D., Distinguished Engineer and Head of World Technological innovation Applied Investigate, JPMorgan Chase. “As evidenced in our investigate, we have created groundbreaking algorithms on their quantum pcs for the past various many years, which has allowed us at JPMorgan Chase to be on the leading edge of quantum computing. We glimpse forward to continuing to make more breakthroughs in quantum computing with each other.”

To present a lot more detail on the fundamental technological enhancements that led to the new benchmark, Quantinuum uncovered facts of recent performance enhancements to the H-Series, which includes reductions in the stage noise of the device’s lasers, lowering two-qubit gate mistake and memory mistake, and improvements to components of the calibration process. Researchers at Quantinuum also shared insights into how the advancements that resulted in the new benchmark cut down the time it requires for algorithms to run, improve the capacity to run quantum mistake correction codes, and guide to greater outcomes for the experts and researchers making use of the H-Series hardware.

“We are accurately wherever we anticipate to be on our roadmap,” explained Tony Uttley, President and COO of Quantinuum. “Our components team continues to produce specialized advancements correct throughout the board, and our strategy of continually upgrading our quantum computer systems signifies that these are felt promptly by our shoppers.”

A five-digit QV amount is pretty positive for actual-time quantum mistake correction (QEC) simply because of the minimal error charges, quantity of qubits, and quite lengthy circuits. QEC is a critical ingredient to huge-scale quantum computing and the sooner it can be explored on present day hardware, the more quickly it can be shown at big-scale.

“With the technology bettering quick, we do anything we can to aid our consumers and the group recognize how we are accomplishing such fast development,” explained Jenni Strabley, Senior Director of Presenting Administration at Quantinuum. “Which is why we have revealed the details powering the final results we declared right now. Our target is to accelerate quantum computing, and that is anything we can only obtain as an field.”

Additional specifics on the Quantum Volume checks: https://quantum-journal.org/papers/q-2022-05-09-707/

Quantinuum’s GitHub repository for Quantum Volume knowledge: https://github.com/CQCL/quantinuum-components-quantum-quantity

Quantinuum’s GitHub repository for components technical specs: https://github.com/CQCL/quantinuum-components-technical specs

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Quantinuum is the world’s largest built-in standalone quantum computing organization, formed by the mixture of Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ environment foremost hardware and Cambridge Quantum’s course foremost middleware and applications. Science led and organization driven, Quantinuum accelerates quantum computing and the development of programs throughout chemistry, cybersecurity, finance, and optimization. Its focus is to make scalable and industrial quantum remedies to remedy the world’s most pressing difficulties, in fields these types of as electricity, logistics, climate alter, and health. The enterprise employs around 480 men and women like 350 experts, at 9 web pages in the US, Europe, and Japan.

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Quantinuum Sets Industry Record for Hardware Performance with New Quantum Volume Milestone

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