July 22, 2024

Cat lover Bernard O’Shea shares his wish list of the latest gadgets and toys

Cat lover Bernard O’Shea shares his wish list of the latest gadgets and toys

It will occasionally search like your cat is on the set of 2001: A House Odyssey, and I’m not confident if our kitty would freely walk into it. Having said that, this self-cleaning litter box is a gamechanger for cat homeowners. It works by using a patented sifting method to separate waste from thoroughly clean litter, generating it simple to dispose of and continue to keep the litter box clear. You also aren’t tied into purchasing a distinct squander bag as you can use any bin liner. Most importantly, you really do not have that unsettling considered that you will at some point have to clean your sifting shovel at any time again. It’s €821,57 see https://eu.robotshop.com/.

The Catit Senses 2. Digger

This interactive toy feeder stimulates a cat’s normal hunting instincts. It options a observe with compact balls that cats can push close to with their paws or nose. This is songs to my ears as our energetic feline thinks my palms are open video game at any time to claw at. Also, this gadget would have been easy when our cat was a kitten as we could have quickly figured out what foods they preferred. I need to have made her a taster menu! It is really €20 see www.petstop.ie.

Forest Cat Tree 

This multi-stage cat tree is a great way to give your cat a position to climb, scratch and rest. It also wouldn’t appear out of position in Monart Estate or any luxurious spa for cats. It functions sisal rope scratching posts, plush perches, and a cosy hiding place. Ideal for when your cat needs a crack from the stresses of modern day life or desires to conceal simply because she’s ripped apart the facet of the couch once more. It truly is €240.99 see https://gopetclub.com.

The SmartyKat Digital Hid Motion Cat Toy

The SmartyKat Digital Concealed Movement Cat Toy characteristics a hid digital motor that results in unpredictable movements, simulating the organic movements of prey. It is managed by a distant, permitting you to handle the speed and course of the toy. The blue colour helps make it a lot more visible and effortless to location for your cat. Pleasurable reality: Cats are colourblind (I only identified this out whilst studying this products). Alas, they will under no circumstances fly a aircraft. Hopefully, I haven’t wrecked a cat’s dream. It absolutely beats a ball of wool or the laces of my boots that I have had to exchange 2 times given that we bought our furry mate. It’s  €26.54 on Amazon.

The PetSafe Automated Ball Launcher

This automatic launcher is best for cats who love to chase balls. It can launch balls up to 30 ft, furnishing lots of workout and entertainment. Probably manufactured far more for a cat’s canine nemesis, but if your cat ruins every single ball sport your young children enjoy, this is the toy for your relatives. You could also use it as a tennis coach if you are pretty posh (disclaimer you likely can’t). It’s €211.99 https://ie.petsafe.net.

The Catipilla Cat Teepee


This teepee is a unique and fashionable piece of cat home furniture that gives your feline close friend with a cosy and personal area to simply call their have. This teepee is designed to be both of those practical and aesthetic. It will also occur in handy if your cat ever wants to go to The Electrical Picnic (only kidding, tickets are offered out). It can be is intended to be uncomplicated to assemble and disassemble, producing it an superb choice for these who like to swap up the structure of their home or these who want to travel with their cat. 

Bernard O'Shea and Jingles.
Bernard O’Shea and Jingles.

This teepee is also excellent for cats who like to cover or escape from property guests — however they do not make 1 big enough for grown ups — nevertheless. It is really €39.99 see www.petstop.ie.

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Frequent grooming with the Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool can noticeably lower shedding, keeping your pet’s coat wholesome and your household cost-free of pet hair. The furminator removes unfastened undercoat fur from your pet’s skin, lowering shedding and keeping your property free of pet hair. It promotes healthful skin by getting rid of tangles and can assistance to cut down the event of hairballs in cats. It also has a tiny speaker developed into it that suggests in an Austrian accent, “I’ll do your back.” No, it does not, but it should since it’s the Furminator. Get it? Terminator, Furminator! Tough group. It is really €43.90 see www.petstop.ie.

The Petcube Participate in 2 Camera

The Petcube Participate in 2 Digital camera is a superior-tech device that allows pet house owners hold an eye on their felines whilst away from household. Its USP is that it delivers a range of interactive options that can help hold your cat lively. Its interactive laser toy can be managed remotely employing the Petcube app, enabling you to participate in with your pet even if you are 1000’s of miles away or bored out of your intellect at function. This retains your cat engaged and, more importantly, transferring. Its constructed-in microphone and speaker let you to chat to your pet or enjoy music remotely. Of training course, you would in no way use it to spy on your closest and dearest, but it could also be utilised for this. Just declaring. It really is €184 see https://petcube.com/play-2/.