June 17, 2024

A Guide to Pick the Right Marine Satellite Phone for Your High Seas Adventures

When it comes to staying connected while at sea, a quality marine satellite phone with Global Satellite can keep you in touch with the outside world, even when access to land-based cellular and Wi-Fi networks is limited. Marine satellite phones offer communication and navigational opportunities that are simply not available on other types of phones.

Check what quality they can provide

The best marine satellite phones for the high seas provide reliable connections, global coverage, and an array of features that are tailored specifically for those who explore the depths of the oceans.

The best marine satellite phones for the high seas also offer features like emergency services, voice dialing, and Bluetooth connectivity. Emergency services allow users to place a call for help when needed and voice dialing helps to connect with others quickly and conveniently.

For example, some phones are specifically designed to be rugged and waterproof in order to withstand the harsh environment of the ocean. Phones with Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities make navigation even easier. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity also allows users to access their wireless data networks for use with compatible devices.

Users should consider options that provide data speeds. This will help to ensure that calls always stay connected and that data transfers are as fast as possible. Additionally, battery life is an important factor to consider, as users should make sure that their phones can last long enough to complete their mission without needing to be recharged.

What is the best choice for your adventures?

KVH is one of the most trusted and respected providers of marine satellite phone services, with a range of devices suited to a variety of onboard activities. Whether it be offshore racing, commercial fishing, sailing, or other maritime ventures, KVH offers the best marine satellite phones for the high seas.

KVH TracPhone V11-IP

The KVH TracPhone V11-IP is one of KVH’s top-of-the-line marine satellite phones. This device offers up to 77 kbps download and 19.2 kbps upload speeds, superior voice calling quality, and three times more reliability than any land-based cellular network. It also boasts an impressive eight-hour maximum talk time and a range of up to 150km, ensuring you’ll stay connected over long distances. The V11-IP is equipped with KVH’s interactive voice response, which provides an intuitive user interface and a range of functions to make managing calls and accessing the Internet simple.

KVH TracPhone V7-IP

The KVH TracPhone V7-IP is designed with commercial fishermen in mind. This rugged and weather-resistant device provides up to 77 kbps download and 19.2 kbps upload speeds, allowing telework, access to specialized databases, and other applications made possible only by satellite services. It features an intensive standby time of up to 120 hours and a six-hour maximum talk time. The V7-IP is also capable of managing up to 30 concurrent calls and can accommodate multiple video streams simultaneously.

KVH TracPhone V7-HTS

The KVH TracPhone V7-HTS is another great choice for offshore racing teams, offering ultra-fast download speeds of up to 60 Mbps. With an impressive two-hour talk time and a standby time of up to 22 hours, this device can keep you connected for long distances. The V7-HTS is equipped with KVH’s Hydra broadband acceleration technology, enabling you to take advantage of advanced satellite services such as the “always-on” capability, which allows you to stay connected even while navigating in remote areas, and high-speed internet access with no lag time.


When you’re out on the high seas, it’s important to have reliable and quality communications equipment. With coverage that extends to all corners of the globe and the latest in technological advancements, the best marine satellite phones are essential to ensure a successful journey out on the water.