February 21, 2024

16GB RTX 3070 Mod Shows Impressive Performance Gains

YouTuber Paulo Gomes a short while ago released a video exhibiting how he modified a customer’s RTX 3070, which employed to be a single of Nvidia’s most effective graphics cards, with 16GB of GDDR6 memory. The modification resulted in critical functionality improvements in the really memory-intensive Resident Evil 4, wherever the 16GB mod was executing 9x far better than the 8GB model in the 1% lows. (Resulting in noticeably smoother gaming efficiency.)

As opposed to former memory mods we’ve seen on cards like the RTX 2070, Gomes’ RTX 3070 mod essential some extra PCB perform to get the 16GB memory configuration functioning correctly. The modder had to ground some of the resistors on the PCB to trick the graphics card into supporting the greater-ability memory ICs that are necessary to double the VRAM capacity on the RTX 3070.