May 23, 2024

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Some products surprise even Gadget Flow editors. Want to see what made us stop in our tracks this month? Keep reading this blog.

Gadget Flow editors view hundreds of new products each month, so it’s a special gizmo that really blows our socks off. We found several this month, ranging from a self-driving stroller to a twisting laptop. They’re the latest gadgets we’ve never seen before.

Have you seen a laptop with a rotating dual display? Neither had we. But the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist has one, and we’ve fallen in love with its multimode versatility.

Then, the GlüKind Ella is a stroller that pushes itself. That’s right, this AI-assisted stroller tackles inclines and downhills, so parents can enjoy walks with their children.

Ready to be impressed? Check out these gadgets!

1. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist laptop has a twistable dual rotating display for an impressively versatile computer. It’s expected in June 2023 for $1,649.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist as it moves

Get a laptop ready for work whenever, wherever, with the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist laptop. The dual-rotating screen design offers multiple modes that transform into a clamshell or tablet format. Both can use the OLED display or the E-Ink display.

2. The VIVE XR ELITE all-in-one XR headset boasts high-res passthrough with PC VR capability. Preorder it for $1,099 on the official website.

VIVE XR Elite product video

Enjoy a new VR and AR experience with the VIVE XR Elite all-in-one XR headset. Offering high-resolution passthrough with PC VR capacity, it lets you experience both VR and MR. Lightweight and portable, it’s great for anything from games to creation.

3. The Nanoleaf Skylight smart ceiling fixture adds the look of a skylight to any room and works with Matter. It’s expected to arrive in Q3 2023 for an unannounced price.

10 Latest gadgets we've never seen before
Nanoleaf Skylight on a ceiling

Go for modular ceiling lighting when you buy the Nanoleaf Skylight smart ceiling fixture. It puts you in charge of the configuration and area of light coverage, which is why it’s one of the latest gadgets we’ve never seen before. What’s more, it works via Wi-Fi and brings crisp whites and over 16 million dynamic colors. It also has all the Nanoleaf smart features you know and love.

4. The GlüxKind Ella AI-assisted stroller pushes itself, making uphill walks with your baby more enjoyable. It’s available for preorder, and pricing starts at $3,800.

GlüxKind Ella demo video

Parents everywhere can appreciate the GlüxKind Ella AI-assisted stroller. The Advanced Driver Assist System makes this stroller effortless to push uphill and off the road. An 360° bubble even monitors your surroundings and alerts you of potential dangers.

5. The DisplaceTV wireless TV doesn’t clutter your living room with wires, plugs, cords, or sticks. Preorder it for $299 on the company’s website.

DisplaceTV on display

Looking for a different sort of TV? Check out the DisplaceTV wireless TV. It’s completely wireless and sticks to your wall—no mounting hardware is required! Lightweight at under 20 pounds, it lets you easily carry it from room to room. It runs on hot-swappable batteries, and you can combine screens to create a bigger TV.

6. The mui Board Matter-enabled calm touch smart display features a natural wood design. It’s coming soon for an unknown price.

10 Latest gadgets we've never seen before
mui Board in a child’s bedroom

We love the mui Board and its natural wood design. Created to improve people’s well-being at home, this board serves as an interface for the mui platform. It can be a family communication device, an information panel, a smart home remote control, and much more. It’s another of the latest gadgets we’ve never seen before.

7. The Brava Glass smart countertop oven cooks with light and has a transparent glass window. It’s coming in early 2023 for $1,995 on the official website.

Brava Glass
Brava Glass with ingredients

Cook using less energy when you have the Brava Glass smart countertop oven. Using multi-zone capabilities, it can cook different food groups to perfection simultaneously. This latest model has a glass panel with a 97% tint, making the process more immersive.

8. The GE Profile Smart Mixer with Auto Sense can detect changes in your mixture’s texture and thickness. It’s expected to be available later this month for $999.

GE Profile Smart Mixer
GE Profile Smart Mixer in a kitchen

You don’t have to worry about overmixing or undermixing with the GE Profile Smart Mixer with Auto Sense. It monitors changes in texture and viscosity, ensuring your recipes turn out as planned. Additionally, it has a built-in smart scale, works with smart assistants, and receives updates.

9. The Samsung The Premiere 2023 8K ultra-short-throw projector shoots a massive 150-inch screen. This product is coming soon for an undisclosed price.

10 Latest gadgets we've never seen before
Samsung The Premiere 2023 in a living room

Sure, we’ve seen ultra-short-throw projectors before. But not one that projects a 150-inch display in stunning 8K, like the Samsung The Premiere 2023. This is why it made our list of the latest gadgets we’ve never seen before.

10. The Schneider Home integrated energy management system integrates solar, EV charging, storage, and more. It’s coming soon for an unannounced price.

10 Latest gadgets we've never seen before
Schneider Home on a home’s exterior

Power your home sustainably and efficiently with the Schneider Home integrated energy management system. It integrates your EV charging, solar, storage, and appliances on 1 platform.

These products demonstrate some pretty cool tech and equally amazing ideas. Which ones would you love to own? Let us know in the comments!

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